Tuesday, October 30, 2012

21. T for Tantrums

We have been travelling a lot in the last two months, and amidst the hectic days she stepped into her second year. There was a traditional celebration on her birthday. The next day we had a small get together with our close relatives. We wanted it to be without fuss, only with people she is cozy with. I have seen people who forget about the comfort of the baby and throw big fat parties with scary jokers and noisy DJs just to fit into the status of the society. That never seemed like a great idea for us. All that mattered was the big smile on her face.

With her growing age her willpower has also become strong. Which makes it that much more difficult to feed her, barring the time when she is really hungry. And the tantrums increase many folds with her grandparents try to feed her. They even had to take her out and roam in the field as she ever so slowly swallowed her food.

We have to keep a constant watch on her as she runs around every possible corner of the house hunting for dirty, breakable or dangerous things. She can now manage to reach the heights that were unreachable for her few days back. Already she had broken a glass bowl; fortunately her mom was nearby to grab her before she stepped on it. Couple of day’s back she dragged an empty CPU box and got over it to reach our PC. An active baby like her keeps us, specially her mom, fit. Much more effective that any gym in the world.

She has started to speak as well. Her favorite word, that she speaks hundreds of time a day, is “eta ki?”. It means “What’s this” in Bengali. She asks the question pointing at everything she can see. You have to give her an answer and then she will try to repeat it. She is one talkative girl. She even learned to hold the phone in her ear talk. One Saturday, late in the night, she picked up the phone and said “aai aai”. Which means “come, come” in Bengali. Wonder who that guy was on the other side?

The puja was a good occasion where she met a lot of babies of her age. Whenever she sees babies she runs towards them and hugs them. She loves babies. She also likes her baby doll. Today as her mom took our neighbor’s baby in her lap; she ran to her doll and took it in her lap mimicking her mom.
By the way, can you guess what her favorite pet is? The lizards on the wall! She calls them ‘ti-ti-ti’ and jumps with joy as she sees one. Not much different from the jump her mom gives as she screams seeing one.


  1. hahaha..she is wiping the floor... :D

    You know my sister's daughter is same age and her favorite words are also "he kaay e"(what's this?)..

    ..and one day she fell down our stairs(she is fine)..When she was crying, my elder brother comes all pissed off and says "padu det tichya madhech keeda aahe"(Girne do use, uske andar hi keeda hai)..instance he says that, girl stops crying, pulls her loose t-shirt ahead and starts looking at her chest...;)

  2. I did not know of this blog of urs, I was wondering why u stopped ot blog ..

    2 years have gone fast.. its jsut yesterday I am sure I read on ur post that you are going to be a daddy..

    and she likes lizards excellent that means she wont be shrieking when she see's one as she grows up :)

    Happy birthday to the little one .. and god bless her.

    I totally agree people throw lavish parties without considering if the child is ok with it .. and the child who is to be the main person in prty is often seen crying and irritated ..


  3. Two years?
    Has it been that long?
    Until I read this post, I feel I was just not in touch with time.
    That puts a lot in perspective.

    She is such a cutie pie, touchwood.
    Tantrums are a natural. I remember when my sister was this age, and me being around 14 that time, was made to do all the running around behind her. Her curiosity and innocence still amaze me when I think of it.

    You are a great dad and may all of you always be blessed.

    1. just stepped into her second year...she just completed one..
      thanks so much :)

  4. It sure feels like yesterday when you first posted about Hridhima :) Time is indeed flying. Belated birthday :) May God bless her ! Cute Munchkin sure looks to be keeping you guys on your toes