Sunday, February 12, 2012

15. Parents or Lovers?

Once upon a time there was a couple deeply in love, then they became parents.

Being parents is a wonderful feeling, life changes for good. But parenting can also become a full time job, and most often we become so obsessed parenting that we forget that we were once lovers. Remember the person who was there before your children came into being, it will be the same person who will be with you when you hairs grey, when your vision blur, when your legs become weak, and when your children grow-up and leave. Don’t let parenting make you forget the lover in you. It is from you that your children will learn to love.

There is another very important person whom we forget and ignore after becoming parents. That person it called ‘self’. Every person needs time for themselves. A time when they can do what-ever that makes them happy, a time for ones obsessions, a time for ones hobbies. It is one reason I still find time to read and write. It helps me relax and de-stress myself. Happy and stress free parents will result in happy and stress free kids. It’s the key to happy parenting.

Hridhima is 4 months now. She has become mobile and can turn and roll from one side of the bed to another. She is keeping us on our toes. Here is a video compilation of her.

Below is some useful reference charts for parents. These charts are just guidelines. Every child follows his/her own pattern. 

You can find the WHO growth reference chart in the following website:

This is how Hridhima is growing:

Following is a link to a website I found interesting.


  1. How true Sub! Happy home and parents lead to a happy child!

    p.s. : Hridhima is too cute!! :-)

  2. True! I am still chewing on.. whatever you wrote..
    time for self and the lovers-parents
    cute baby:-)
    and great dad!God Bless you and yours..

  3. Wow!!!So true I mean I dont get it why do people think that once ur married there is no need to give time to urself!!! ur family, no doubt, is important but dont forget urself in this process

  4. I can bookmark it for future reference...Thanks for this one...:)

  5. Exactly what we leave behind while parenting-the love and the self...and good you give us these little reminders:-)

  6. Many people tend to forget about their loved ones because of parenting...your post will definately remind them to give time to their partners and to themselves :) And yes, the more she grows, the more beautiful she is :)