Tuesday, October 30, 2012

21. T for Tantrums

We have been travelling a lot in the last two months, and amidst the hectic days she stepped into her second year. There was a traditional celebration on her birthday. The next day we had a small get together with our close relatives. We wanted it to be without fuss, only with people she is cozy with. I have seen people who forget about the comfort of the baby and throw big fat parties with scary jokers and noisy DJs just to fit into the status of the society. That never seemed like a great idea for us. All that mattered was the big smile on her face.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

20. Little Miss Mischief

Over the last few months our little miss Alexander’s reach has grown considerably. Up on her toes, she has now conquered territories that earlier seemed safe. She has even learned to climb up the sofa and crawl under the sofa. It is difficult to match her energy and keep pace with her the entire day. Her special knack to get into things she should not get into, and out of things she should not get out of makes live even more adventurous. She walked few steps independently for few days till she fell badly. Since then she has added some extra caution to relentless spirit. Trying to walk and fall has become a part of her, which surprisingly is less scary than it looks. Though tough, we try not to overreact and make her afraid. 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

19. Her Prized Possession

It seems yesterday when a pink floppy little thing came into our life. Suddenly, she is into her nine months….time flies when you have a character that always keeps you entertained. A small wonder who becomes excited when she sees you and sad when you are out of sight, a cutie pie who jumps into your lap and holds you tight when she is afraid. An angel who says ‘ba-ba’ and ‘ma-ma’ and leaves you confused if she actually meant it. A devil who looks at you with cute expressions and then jumps to bite your nose with her newly acquired teeth.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

18. The Explorer

Gone are the days when we kept her at a place and knew that she will be still there after 5 minutes. Now with her new found mobility she is ready to explore the world, and what an explorer she is. She intuitively knows what things she is not supposed to touch. She explores the entire room and manages to find them. Things like plug points, wires, shoes and papers attract her like honey attracts bees. No wonder she is a daughter of geologists.

Friday, March 23, 2012

17. Lil Smartie

As babies change from a non-reacting doll to an overreacting toddler, they observe, learn and grow. One might ignore their presence thinking that they are too small, but they observe everything and pick up very fast. They are smarter than we think. One thing I have learned in five months of parenting is that you don’t need to teach them what they should do next, they will tell you instead and help you evolve as a parent.

Monday, February 27, 2012

16. Finger-licking good

Hands are human beings first toy and mouth the first organ of pleasure. You fall in love with the world at the first bite. Nothing gets better than putting your favorite toy inside your most pleasurable organ. The flavor of it inside your mouth is what I call finger-licking good, thumb-licking i mean.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

15. Parents or Lovers?

Once upon a time there was a couple deeply in love, then they became parents.

Being parents is a wonderful feeling, life changes for good. But parenting can also become a full time job, and most often we become so obsessed parenting that we forget that we were once lovers. Remember the person who was there before your children came into being, it will be the same person who will be with you when you hairs grey, when your vision blur, when your legs become weak, and when your children grow-up and leave. Don’t let parenting make you forget the lover in you. It is from you that your children will learn to love.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

14. Sleeping Beauty

Our daughter is a sweetheart. She was born at noon, and was supposed to keep us awake through the night. Only in the first week she fed every three hours, which increased to 4 to 5 hrs of sleep at night by second week. By the time she was three months old she slept 8 hours through the night. Moment she keeps turning her head from one side to another, it means it’s time to sleep. She never gave us sleepless nights, lots of love and hugs to her for that.