Sunday, October 16, 2011

02. In The Beginning…

Sometimes you want a baby but nothing seems to happen for months. Don’t panic, it will happen. You have to remember three key things: Sex, sex, and more sex. A time will come when a smart sperm (or two) will hit the target at the right time. Till then enjoy sex without the rubber! Sometimes you don’t want a baby but it happens. Don’t panic, because you won’t regret it when you hear the heartbeat of the life you created.

Keep it simple and do not think about the baby. Remember the quote from Geeta, “You have control over your duty only, but no control or claim over the results. The result should not be your motive. You should never be inactive. Do your duty to the best of your ability, abandoning the worry and selfish attachment to the results, and remain calm in both success and failure.” Replace ‘the results’ with ‘having baby’ and ‘your duty’ with ‘sex’.

Before I end here are few tips we followed:
·      It is a good idea to visit a gynecologist for preconception counseling…it helps.
·      Get your thyroid and glucose level to normal before conception.
·      Doctor might recommend folic acid tablets.
·      Control your diet; include lots of fruits and fibers.
·      Exercise… go for a evening couple walk.
·      Sexercise…don’t forget to have sex on the right day of the cycle, as many times as you want.
·      Have a free relaxed mind and enjoy the sex.
·      Make sure that she has orgasm too. I don’t know if it helps, but it is fun for sure.


  1. I liked the way you mixed Geeta gyaan with conception :-)

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