Thursday, June 13, 2013

23. Payback time

As the summer began, one fine morning we found that there was no water in our toilet. We struggled to realize what has happened, we checked with the flat manager and our neighbors. It took three days to realize that our little devil has somehow managed to turn the tap and close the main water connection of our toilet. Another day we saw her bathed in sunflower oil. She slipped into the kitchen, managed to grab the bottle from the shelf and opened it. Our parents keep telling me and Ranjini how naughty we were as kids. Whatever troubles we gave our parents Hridhima is going to repay it... with interest.

Give her an opportunity and she will go to the toilet and climb into the bucket filled with water. If we a bit late to give her a bath in the morning she will start screaming. She loves to take bath, quite unlike us. We used to scream while our mom tried to took us for bath.

One thing that equals her passion for bathing in the morning is her desire to go out into the field in the evening. There are many other kids in the ground with whom she plays. What surprises me is to see that most of these kids are taken to the field by their maids. It is a dangerous way of bringing up kids because most of the maids are too worried about the kid’s stuff being stolen. It’s natural because they will be maid responsible for it. What that means is that the kids do not learn to share. One day while she was playing in the ground she met a guy, about her age. She went straight to him and kissed him in the lips. Kids of this generation, I tell you…


  1. can i ever get enough awwww for her!
    Sweetheart! And turning out beautiful! :D Time really does fly.

  2. oh my.. she has grown.. from seeing her baby pics to now :) .. wow lovely :) ...

  3. Aww seems like yesterday when you had posted her new born pics. Her pics reflect that she is enjoying and keeping you guys on your toes :) Enjoy :)

  4. Kissed a guy? hehe :D

    P.S: She's so beautiful :) You better keep an eye on that guy ;)

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    1. Hey Delhi Rocker! hw r u doing? not blogging anymore?
      thanks for reading :)